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Artist Bio

My name is Miguel Denyer but my friends usually call me "Mig"... I am a keen nature & wildlife photographer and artist, and I am the person behind Captured Wilderness. While I now live in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, I am originally from Wales, UK.
Among other things, I am a British Armed Forces Veteran, a former Close Protection Specialist (Bodyguard), an ordained minister and a Freemason. I didn't become a nature & wildlife photographer until about 6 years ago after health issues forced me to retire from my previous profession. Apparently, it turns out that I am pretty good at it (don't take my word for it, see for yourself). Anyway, that's enough about my life... I hope you find the site to your liking and that you find my art to be as rewarding to look at, as I find it to be while I am producing it.

Artist Statement

I have been a nature & wildlife photographer for the past 6 years having retired from my previous profession as a close protection specialist.  I was born in Wales in the UK in the heart of the Cambrian mountains. 

Since I was a small boy, I have always had an affinity for nature and a love of the outdoors.  During my early adult life, as a member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, and indeed as a private individual pursuing a career as a Close Protection Specialist (post military service), I did not have the time to pursue my true passion in life, which I discovered anew around 6 years ago – Nature and wildlife photography.

As a nature and wildlife photographer, my goal is to capture scenes of the world around me and communicate them to others in a way that transports them visually and mentally to the place where I was standing when taking a particular photograph.  

My aim is that if I have succeeded in producing a particular image the way I envisioned it in my mind’s eye, then it will “speak” to the viewer and evoke a sense of wonder and emotion.

For me, photographing nature is a challenging pursuit that I enjoy most because it calls upon more than just my artistic talent – skills that I’ve acquired over my adult career such as surveillance techniques, hunting, and technical knowledge, all go into the production of a good photograph – whether I am photographing a bird in flight, a small mammal, a predator, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a scene of the night sky, or a macro of a tiny invertebrate – it takes skill, patience, technical knowledge, and artistic talent, all of which, make my pursuit of photography that much more challenging, and when successful, that much more fulfilling.

Having the benefit of being an American by choice, Born in Wales, UK, but having made beautiful Michigan my home,  I have the benefit of bringing an outsiders’ view of Michigan, USA, and also the gift of being able to appreciate fully the subtle differences in each part of the world that I have lived.  I love to spread the beauty that Michigan has to offer that I have for so many years captured with my lens, and my heart.