Rev. Miguel “Mike” Denyer
Owner of Captured Wilderness

A Little About Me…

I am an Expat British Armed Forces Veteran living in Michigan, USA.  I was born and raised in Wales in the United Kingdom, and lived in England while serving an 8 year enlistment in the Royal Air Force.

I have always had a great love of nature and the outdoors, to which, I hope my photography gives testimony.

After meeting my wife through a few mutual friends, I emigrated to the United States in 2001.

These days, I am an ordained minister, freemason, nature & wildlife photographer, craftsman, gardener, husband, father and friend.

I’ve been a photographer and craftsman for a couple of years now and Captured Wilderness Nature & Wildlife Photography (and my other interest: Blessed Beads Handmade Gemstone Jewelry) are the culmination of several years of hard work.

I hope you enjoy the site and look forward to welcoming you as a customer.