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Michigan’s U.P. in the Fall

September 22nd/23rd 2019

I recently embarked on a short “Fall Colors” nature photography expedition to Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. I chose the Ontonagon / Porcupine Mountain State Park area for this trip and camped out at the Ontonagon Township Park & Campgrounds. I’d like to take this opportunity to give them a shout out as their campground is awesome. I heartily recommend anyone that goes camping to give their campgrounds a try out. You will not be disappointed.

Bond Falls showing the start of the Fall colors.

Unfortunately, due to a minor accident that resulted in a knee injury, I had to cut my trip short this time around. However, I was able to obtain some very nice images of a few of the waterfalls in the area and the obligatory shot of the “Lake of the Clouds” from the scenic overlook.

Lake of the Clouds as seen from the escarpment at the Scenic Overlook

One of the more interesting images comes from looking straight down from the Lake of the Clouds Scenic Overlook where the Carp River winds its way toward Lake Superior.

Carp River
Carp River

It was at the Bonanza Falls where I met with my “accident”. While halfway across the river, standing on a dry, deceptively flat, and impeded rock surface, I had a momentary loss of balance. It was while trying to correct my balance, that I slipped, twisted my knee and fell into the river – tearing my MCL in the process.

Bonanza Falls
Bonanza Falls
Bonanza Falls

So I pulled myself out of the water, picked up my camera and checked it for damage, then drove my soggy self back to my campsite where I showered, changed and headed out to my favorite waterfalls in this area – Bond Falls.

Bond Falls, Paulding, Michigan

I spent the entire afternoon clambering up and down the sides of this incredibly beautiful waterfall. However, by early evening, I came to realize that my injury was far worse than previously thought. It was far worse than just a soaking and dented pride. So at this point I decided to visit the local ER.

Bond Falls, Paulding, Michigan

I realized that my stay in this beautiful part of Michigan was to be cut short. So, after being x-rayed, my knee was stabilized so that I could walk and drive.
I then headed back to camp as it was almost 10PM.
I now had to make a decision… Do I stay the night and leave the following morning, or strike camp and leave ASAP?
I decided on the latter because I knew that the pain relief would diminish within a few hours. So, I recruited the assistance of two very nice people, who were more than willing to assist me.
I did not get their names but they did a very quick, thorough job of striking my camp, clearing away all of my gear and packing it into my vehicle. I then started on the 700+ mile drive home.