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Favorite Locations – Porcupine Mountains

My Favorite Locations - Porcupine Mountains State Park

Sunrise over Lake of the Clouds

On the west side of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a handsome expanse of forest know as Porcupine Mountains.  The area, lovingly called Porkies, are made up of a group of small mountains near the shoreline of Lake Superior.  This group received it’s name due to the old growth of hard woods peaking off the land as it rolls.  It gives the appearance of spikes on the back of a porcupine.  Centrally located within the almost 60,000 acres that make up this state park we find the stunning Lake in the Clouds.  Wilderness photography opportunities include bald eagles, martin, river otters, bobcats, bears, moose, as well as lady slippers, fairy-bells, yellow birch, and countless artistic landscapes such as cliff brakes.  When I was a child there were rumors of even a chance to see wolverines.  Although, the state says that there has been no evidence of them in the mountains for over 150 years.  If you plan a trip to this majestic location plan lots of time to take in all that this place has to offer.