Important notice about purchasing prints

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. As you may well be aware, I have a webstore built into this website which allows you to purchase prints directly from the site. However, it has become very apparent to me that adding new images, for sale as prints, into the webstore’s database is a mammoth task which I simply do not have the time to complete at present. You see, for each image, I have to add all of the variations for each available print size, mat color, frame color, material (whether fine art print, canvas or metal print) as an individual product – that’s 29 variations for each image, therefore, 10 image uploads means I have to add 290 products individually – that’s a lot of work for a single individual, especially since I also need time to go out and take photos, then process the images. So, with that in mind, until I can eventually get around to adding them to the webstore, I will be implementing a different process for purchasing prints from this website. In order to purchase prints, please use this form:

Print Purchasing Form

Enter your full name
Enter a valid email address. You will be receiving an invoice for your order to this email address so please check to make sure it is entered correctly. Your order will not be processed if the invoice isn't received, completed, and returned with payment.
Enter your phone number with country code (optional)
Enter your shipping address
Only select from this list if you live in USA/Canada. All others will need to add further address info in the "Further Address Details" box below:
Enter address details such as county/state/region if you live outside of the US or Canada
Enter the title of the image of which, you wish to purchase prints
Select the TYPE of print you wish to purchase, from the drop-down list
Select the desired print size from the drop-down list
Select your frame options from the drop-down list. Select NO FRAME if purchasing a canvas or metal print, as these come with standard mounting options.
Select NO MAT if purchasing a canvas or metal print.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive an invoice at the email address entered onto the form.

Once this invoice is completed and confirmation of payment is received, your order will be processed and shipped.

Please note: All canvas and metal print production is outsourced so delivery can take up to 60 days.

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