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Starting January 2019, I will be offering nature & wildlife photography workshops/classes on a “one-to-one” basis and for small groups.  For now, classes/workshops will mostly be held locally in Southeast Michigan (other locations are available by special arrangement) but I may extend out to other areas if these are successful.

Rates are subject to group size and location – specially arranged locations will cost more depending on how far I have to travel.

If you are a novice photographer interested in learning how to create better wildlife and nature images and/or learn how to get more out of your DSLR camera, then these classes/workshops are for you. So, to learn how to take photographs like the ones below, fill out the form and register to participate in one of my workshops today.

Workshops available:

Bird/Wildlife Photography

Nature/Landscape Photography

Macro (insect/flower/plant) Photography

Night Sky (astrophotography) Photography

To register for a workshop, use the registration form below.

Please enter a preferred date for your workshop. I'll try to accommodate that date if possible.
Please select an alternative date for your workshop, should the preferred date be unavailable.
If this is a one-to-one workshop then simply enter "1", if you are organizing a group workshop, then enter the total number of participants.
Select the type of photography workshop that you wish to attend using the drop down list. If you wish to attend more than one type of workshop and a "combination" workshop is not listed then please submit a new form for each type of workshop you wish to attend. NOTE: Night Sky Photography Workshops are currently only available in certain locations due to State laws prohibiting entry to certain locations at night.
Please select a location where you would like your workshop to be held. The dropdown list contains the current locations available. New locations will be added from time to time so if there isn't a convenient one listed, enter your preferred location in the comments box on this form and I will try to accommodate you. NOTE: By special arrangement only, from time to time, I will be holding workshops in Northern Lower Michigan and in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These generally occur mid summer and, are by special arrangement only. Please contact me for details. I can arrange small group workshops in these areas on request but these special workshops will incur greater cost.
If you have any comments or wish to discuss specific locations for your workshop that are not listed in the locations drop-down menu, or are by special arrangement only, then please let me know here. Thank you.

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