Friends of Captured Wilderness & Other Preferred Businesses

Friends of Captured Wilderness & Other Preferred Businesses

This page is intended to showcase the Facebook Pages, websites and online stores of my partners and friends. Pages listed here represent the businesses of people I work with in order to make Captured Wilderness a success, and of the people who are my closest friends, whom I trust and can vouch for their integrity. If they appear here then you can bet they are safe to do business with.

Zen Finity Designs

One of my brothers in more ways than one… Zen’s artwork is phenomenal, and his prices are great too. Zen is one of my brothers in arms, being a US Army Veteran and also a brother Freemason – his integrity is beyond reproach. Check this man’s work out today:
His online store can be found here:
His Facebook page is here:

Brinks Art & Framing – Cadillac, Michigan

Gregg is the owner of Brinks Art & Framing on Mitchell St. in downtown Cadillac, Michigan.
He is a master of his craft and the consummate professional. I’ve yet to meet a more friendly, knowledgeable, and professional business owner. I heartily recommend him for all your framing and artwork needs.
His website is at:
His Facebook page is at:

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